As an independent artist, I am not backed by any record label.  Absolutely everything is done by me....this means, website, emails, advertising, graphic design, booking, traveling, music videos etc.  In order to continue to build a fan base, certain things are a MUST....this includes making more music, making music videos and touring.   With the help of patrons, I am able to travel more and help cover expenses while building my fan base.   Being a patron of the arts not only helps spread my music across the globe, but you also get access to things other fans do not.  ANY amount of $ helps!  Either a one time contribution or becoming a patron.  Click on the Patreon link for more info!


As an independent artist, much of our support comes from you! Many people don't realize that Artist's only get pennies per thousands of streams.  Thank you for buying our music and merchandise. Follow on Instagram and "LIKE" on Facebook.....and please keep SHARING!


Much love and gratitude,

Melissa Crispo